About Us

Teegetsitdone so you can too

I'm passionate about using all natural ingredients to make the best quality skincare and haircare products.

Teegetsitdone goal is to teach you how to make your own products for you by you. Knowing your ingredients and knowing what you like or don't. This is for everyone, the whole family can get involved for most of the projects. 

I have always been a do it myself type a gyal. When I started getting into making my own products. I quickly realized this is about to be expensive buying 8 to 32 ounces of each ingredient to make something I don't even know if ill like then the worst part being stuck with something I didn't like and not knowing what to use it for to not waste. 

The goal of this store is to have sample size of each ingredient offered and to provide all the quality ingredients in one place for your projects. This way you can try it before committing to 8 to 32 ounces. This way you won't feel bad about being stuck with on wanted ingredients and it only gets better. Recipes will be provided, multiple ways to use ingredients in small batch to test if you like. 

Since I have been making my own products I have started loving my hair and sensitive skin more. Understanding the ingredients, uses and benefits has been mind blowing. I always wondered why lotions other people loved and found to be moisturizing and magical never worked for me. Now I know my skin didn't like most the ingredients like parabens, phthalates and silicone. Understanding my skin have learnt that it loves natural ingredients.

This is what I would have loved when I started making my own products.

Come lets learn together!